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Shop Floor Management Made Easy

Interactive and intuitive tools

SQCDP daily shopfloor management board

Increased Efficiency With Visual Management

Tiered Shop Floor Boards

"The time used on updates are cut in half."
Toni Jensen
Toni Jensen
Lean Coordinator

A Board For Any Purpose

 Customize your boards using our integrated board designer.

Maintenance and Upgrade Projects

Centralize and stay in control of your project activities.

Document Decisions Using A3

Improve turnaround and ROI.

Improvements capitalization dashboard

Improvement Performance Reports

Plan your improvement capitalization

"It's a really good tool. It makes our workday a lot easier."
Aslak Tveit picture, DigiLEAN user and valued customer
Aslak F. Tveit
Project Engineer
Manage Improvements
Process Incidents
Solve Problems