Aarbakke - Norway's Smartest Industrial Company

As one of the world’s leading machining companies, Aarbakke take pride in delivering every product on time. They can deliver entire projects from the initial idea to engineering, purchase of materials and components, production, assembly and testing.

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A World Class Manufacturer

The history of the company goes all the way back to 1918 when they produced horse shoes. But the industrialization rocketed in the 80’s when they purchased their first CNC machine. During the 90’s multiple M&A sent the company heavily into the oil industry where their main customer base exist. 

As of 2021 the company has 300 employees and a NOK 1billion turnover.

Aarbakke has invested heavily in high-tech machining equipment and an extensive data collection and usage. This enables them to delivery cost effective products and services with high quality and precision. 

They hold multiple international certificates proving their ability to manage processes according to quality standards.

Digitalization and Innovation

Aarbakkes extensive data usage does not pass unnoticed. They are really going in-depth to optimize their machine park utilization and fully digitized their production. It’s no wonder why they are featured in The Manufacturer talking about unlocking the value of your industrial data. And in 2021, Aarbakke was given the award of Norway’s Smartest Industrial Company.

Continuous Improvement with DigiLEAN

Aarbakke is an innovative company, always looking for ways of improving their competitive edge, investing in new and upgraded machines as well as process improvements. Many improvements are significant in terms of investment and ensuring proper ROI. DigiLEAN is being used to help manage improvement ideas, priorities and follow up in projects.

We asked the Improvement & Efficiencies Manager, Jan Friestad about his thoughts about DigiLEAN:

What do you use DigiLEAN for?
– We use DigiLEAN for implementation of projects, big and small. Continuous improvement of the company, sharing experiences, learning and best practices, and to keep all our data and information structured and centralized.

What features are you mainly utilizing?
– We use the project module, project portfolio, boards, improvement module and A3s.

How does DigiLEAN help you in your workday?
– It help me work structured with control of projects, to communicate with colleagues and keep a good overview.

The user interface is intuitive and new users easily gets onboard with the program. DigiLEAN provides good response on support and effective follow-up.
Jan Friestad, Improvement and Efficiencies Manager
Jan Friestad
Improvement & Efficiencies Manager, Aarbakke