Lean Industry 4.0

Lean has been around for decades. Even though it is based on Toyota’s production systems, it has spread to other industries and business segments. Meanwhile, the production industry has moved on. Still doing lean, of course, but modern production technology has introduced a high level of automation. Machines with very high accuracy, extensive machine and process measurements are added to optimize the production performance. Even though lean and industry 3.0/4.0 have the same goals, they emerged side-by-side.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is about escalating the automation level by introducing new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and so on. A lot more high-level computing became an integral part of the control systems. By interconnecting machines, smart sensors and people, engineers has been able to develop smarter algorithms. The result is machine learning where machines can adapt and adjust autonomously.

Even though some dismiss Industry 4.0 as merely a marketing buzzword, shifts are happening in manufacturing that deserves our attention.

The automation control system is normally the heart of Industry 4.0. It collect and present the data to the operators using HMI panels. The operators are in full control of the production.

Simultaneously, the business is lead using lean principles. Lean is concidered a business principle and not technical. Information, learning and actions between management and operations must be transferred manually between the systems.

Lean + Industry 4.0

Lean Industry 4.0 - Digital lean for the modern industry, IoT

Lean manufacturing is all about improving takt time, reducing waste and deliver the right quality product just in time (JIT). Therefore lean has to be integrated into the manufacturing. There is no better way than implementing the lean tools directly into the production. To close the feedback loop, let the machines tell the lean programme when things needs to be corrected.

It’s not hard to find and setup a digital dashboard to display your KPIs. But very few integrate the lean processes with the KPIs in the same system. It is possible to display the measurements from the manufacturing directly in improvement projects. When we talk about visual management, we mean everything should be visualized. This is when it all makes sense.

Connecting everything adds transparency to your operations. It’s easier to trace the root cause from the source all the way to the solution and implementation.

Can DigiLEAN be part of Lean Industry 4.0?

Sure it can!

DigiLEAN Connect let you integrate any computer or control system able to use an API. It applies to automation control system, manufacturing execution systems (MES), resource planning (ERP, MRP) systems, you name it.

Let DigiLEAN display important metrics in easy-to-customize dashboards – LIVE!

Highlight your KPIs on wall mounted info screens in common areas. Make it available for all employees or only key resources.

Use it in your production meetings.
  • Combine the information with interactive boards for your employees.
  • Let your employees add improvement suggestions.
  • Follow up, analyse, prioritize and follow through projects all on one system.

With support for boards, improvements, incidents, projects, PDCA, 5S, green cross, A3 and more, DigiLEAN is the perfect platform to build value with LEAN Industry 4.0.

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