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DigiLEAN and Power BI = Awesome Together

Many companies have already utilized some digital information tools available to them. One of the most common platforms is Power BI. This gives the companies better insight in their KPIs and other metrics, helping them to manage their operations with data-based decisions.

One of the limitations of Power BI is the lack of task management. Companies turn to DigiLEAN to get a more holistic lean- and visual management system, but want to retain Power BI because they have invested in it, so can Power BI be integrated in the interactive DigiLEAN boards?

Differences Between DigiLEAN and Power BI

Data visualization, reporting and dashboards is only a small portion of DigiLEAN. But it’s also the only commonality between DigiLEAN and Power BI. These two systems have different purposes, and it’s important to understand how they differ from each other.

Purpose PowerBI DigiLEAN
Data Processing
Data Visualization
Data Analysis
Daily Performance Management
Interactive Shop Floor Management
Task Management
Improvement Management
Incident Management
Project Management
Strategy Deployment

How Can DigiLEAN and Power BI Create value together

By not choosing one or the other. Combine the two tools and utilize their strengths together.

A prerequisite is that you have a version of Power BI with the capability to publish your reports.
In your Power BI report, click File > Embed report > Website or portal.

Embed Power BI report to website or portal

Copy the link to your clipboard.

Link for embedding Power BI reports

Paste the link to your DigiLEAN board using the “web content” app.
Note: A secure sharing of the Power BI reports require user authentication. A login prompt appears in the embedded view.

Secure embedded Power BI report sign in

The boards in DigiLEAN can be designed with any combination of functions to support your daily management.

Power BI report integrated in DigiLEAN dashboard